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  Henri Peyre and Catherine Auguste - Légumes sur une table de pierre (2014)




Statement of intent

We aim for the confusion of photography with painting.


Our still life work is, like still life itself, a silent bomb.

A silent bomb, still life is so because it always invites the simplest things to collectors’ walls. She thus avoids the representation of great subjects (great men, great monuments, great actions), indicating that it is the material alone which is beautiful, not the social game.

A silent bomb because photography is something miserable for the history of art. Already condemned by Baudelaire for the vulgarity of the details, it was rejected by painters for this reason; when it finally imposes itself, it is in the poverty of the Documentary Style. Now we want to take a photograph for lovers of painting.

Silent bomb because by proceeding in this way we do not respect the accepted dogma that the history of art has meaning. We claim the absolute supremacy of beauty over social discourse.

Silent bomb because our photography is not a copy of a painting; we create new paintings, never done by painters, after analysis of the forms used by each. Our still lifes are silent mechanisms meticulously armed by the use of the foundations of the artistic image.

We hope
Create new images that nevertheless seem to be eternal objects.
Force the observer to look closely to understand how photography can seem so much like painting.
Transform poverty into an idol.
Showing both the tricks of conventions, and showing that they work in a dazzling way.
Making the Silent Bomb even more terrifying.








To come: June 2025 - August 2027

First Exhibition of the Childres's gallery
sur la Transparence 
at the Grand Palais (Paris) 
A GrandPalaisRMN & UniversSciences co-production



Affiche Académie des Concerts de Lyon
Concert Souffleurs, donnez du vent !
Octobre 2021




Château de Villandry

Natures mortes au jardin

Printemps 2019




MAAP - Musée d'Art et d'Archéologie de Périgueux

A la table des jours
du 18 octobre 2018 au 25 février 2019


Château de Valençay
Tables de fêtes - Octobre-novembre 2018 puis Fêtes de fin d'année 2018

Couverture du livre

La très belle et très exquise Histoire des Gâteaux et des Friandises de Maguelonne Toussaint-Samat (2ème édition)

Le Pérégrinateur - Toulouse





Nuit des Musées, Musée de l’Oeuvre Notre-Dame, Strasbourg
Exposition de natures mortes conjointes aux natures mortes de Sébastien Stoskopff

Musée de la Photographie de Graçay
Eté 2016 



Couverture Cahiers ERTA, Nr 6 : La Nature Morte


Cahiers ERTA, revue publiée par les soins de l’Équipe de recherches en théorie appliquée à l’Université de Gdansk (Pologne) a consacré son sixième numéro à la nature morte et nous a fait l'honneur de sa couverture.

Wydział Filologiczny Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego - ISSN 2300-4681