Information on still lifes

Photographic prints signed and numbered (10 copies maximum) measuring 41.59 cm x 52.02 or 41.59 x 62.31 cm, delivered with frame.

About the frames :
For convenience for exhibitions, we have determined 4 types of frames in the two formats we have stopped at. So these frames exist. The frames proposals that are made correspond to our work: we aim for confusion with painting, and are going to the end of this path. Most of our buyers, however, prefer to order the prints from us without a frame (a page is provided to place an order for this purpose) and put the frame they want around it. We consider it very good if the chosen frame is even more beautiful and valuable than the frame we offer. This goes completely in the direction of confusion with the great tradition of painting, which we are looking for.
In the event that we no longer have in our reserve exactly the frame presented on the site, we would also offer to provide you with a frame of the same type and of equal or better quality for the same price.

The prints are printed upon receipt of your payment and sent to you carefully packaged.

Conservation better than that of oil paint (more than 3 centuries without color variation when no exposed to direct sunlight, under glass, with a sheet of anti-acid barrier paper at the back of the assembly).

Delivery time approximately 4 weeks from the date of receipt of your payment. 


Discount for collectors:

Purchase amount  Reduction granted
 Less than €2300  No reduction
 From 2300 to 4600 €  15% off
 From €4600 to €6900  20% off
 Over €6900  25% off

The amount of the basket at the time of purchase takes this reduction into account.